Angèle © Lewanna

Through the Eyes of a Child

Children have incredible talent. This image was taken by my daughter Lewanna 13 at the time, now 14 of her younger sister Angèle.

Childhood © Michael Jackson

Psychologist Therapist Alice Miller on Child Abuse

Humiliations, spankings and beatings, slaps in the face, betrayal, sexual exploitation, derision, neglect, etc. are all forms of mistreatment, because they injure the integrity and dignity of a child, even if their consequences are not visible right away.

Justin Bourdet and Suzie Bird © Benjamin Kanarek

“Best Pick Up Line I Never Used”

A Texas cowboy walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman. He gives her a quick glance then causally looks at his watch for a moment. The woman notices this and asks, ‘Is your date running late?’ ‘Nope’, he replies,

© Benjamin Kanarek


An homage to those demonstrating in Iran for their right to be heard and counted.

Sarka Litmannova © Benjamin Kanarek

Ask Questions to Benjamin Kanarek

I will be available to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge regarding the photo business, techniques, lighting, photographic approaches and the politics of our metier.

Irina Lazareanu wearing Christian Lacroix Haute Couture © Benjamin Kanarek

Lighting Tutorial – Using Bounced Daylight

Here is a suggestion for a harder more contrasted light. Imagine you have your window open and the light is streaming in to the room. Now this will apply to direct sunlight and overcast conditions. The rendition will differ, but the technique is similar.

Irina Lazareanu wearing Christian Lacroix Haute Couture © Benjamin Kanarek

Camera as an Extension of the Idea

It has been a long time since I was aware of the fact that I am actually holding a device myself and the subject I am shooting. I think the device is called a camera or a digital capturing device. I can’t really recall.