Diesel Jeans

Sex Sells Media-Another Perspective

It is in my opinion that the fashion industry is a game of ‘one upmanship’ in the ability to GRAB the viewer’s attention and has relied more heavily on the sexuality as it’s method of ‘grabbing’

Sony Nex 3C Red

Tasty Tech Toys Sony Nex 3C

Sony’s new α NEX-C3 is the world’s smallest, lightest interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C sized sensor – Offered in a range of stylish colors

Bal Masqué for Vogue Paris © Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Fashion Masquerade

Fashion world is a masquerade, a theater where everyone’s disguised based on a level of one’s reality perception – An essay on the Principle of Fashion by Igor Rozenblyum

on June 9, 2011