History Brush Tool

History Brush Tool in Photoshop

Today, I thought it would be the right day to write about a simple Photoshop-tool called the History-brush tool and how to start using it for a number of wonderful actions

Pop Rocks

Some of My Pop-Rock Tunes

Just wanted to share some of my Pop/Rock tunes I composed over the last few years sung by several artists of which many were adapted in to French

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What is Art?

We, humans are complicated creatures: we all have our own opinions and critique, which is a force that pushes designers to progress

on July 8, 2011
Model Sarah Deanna in Domestic Help Fantasy © Benjamin Kanarek

Which Camera Brand is the Best?

The question asked by many photographers and that captures the imagination, visceral reactions and high end emotion is -Which Camera Brand is the Best- Here is my answer