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Pentax K30

Tasty Tech Toys Pentax K30 Waterproof DSLR Camera

I wanted to share the new mid-level Pentax K30 Waterproof DSLR with our readers. As it is the summer vacations and many of you will be spending time on the beach, I thought that this camera is a great must have mid-level moderately priced DSLR.

Zoom Lenses

Good Budget Zoom Lenses

Fixed focal length lenses are no longer the be all and end all in lens optics heaven. I have used several zoom lenses that compete quit readily with some of the fixed lenses I have used. I would love to hear from those of you using zooms and your impressions

History Brush Tool

History Brush Tool in Photoshop

Today, I thought it would be the right day to write about a simple Photoshop-tool called the History-brush tool and how to start using it for a number of wonderful actions